Masterclass Backgammon

We offer half-day, single-day or 2-day team-building solutions for companies of all sizes.
Our team will organize an introduction to backgammon for your employees or business partners

Masterclass Backgammon

The rules of this age-old game are very simple and easy to grasp. However, backgammon is genuinely a mind sport. After presenting the basic rules of the game and giving the players a few tips, we will encourage them to join individual and/or team tournaments.

Backgammon is a mind sport, a game of chance, but most of all an activity which can reveal your true self. It’s an appealing game with lots of assets. We will help you deal with the main situations an expert player can come across such as: risk-taking, identifying key challenges, time management, or the psychological dimension of a game.

We are used to organizing events for hundreds of people or smaller groups, and we will be delighted to share our passion of backgammon and our educational expertise with your employees and business partners.

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