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The Backgammon Academy offers you custom-made trainings :

backgammon for beginners, one-on-one lessons, coaching, training courses, and seminars / team-building events.

We will allow you to discover the basic rules of backgammon as well as a thorough understanding of this fascinating game.

Enjoy a unique and rewarding experience!

Cours de Backgammon <br />

Cours de Backgammon

Raphaël ROSALBA was ranked number-one player in France in 2015, 2017, 2020 & 2021 and he has a strong experience of national and international competitions. He is well-known for his mastery of backgammon and his remarkable attitude during tournaments. He will definitely make you benefit from his educational skills and his experience as a player.



The Backgammon Academy offers two-day or one-week training courses to clubs or groups of players who are willing to improve their playing skills and become experts.

<strong>TEAM-BUILDING EVENTS</strong>


We offer half-day, single-day or 2-day team-building solutions for companies of all sizes.
Our team will organize an introduction to backgammon for your employees or business partners


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